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 St. Francis of Assisi Parish Prayer for God’s Protection

Almighty God, we acknowledge our sinfulness and unworthiness. In your everlasting love and mercy, you do not judge us as we deserve. We thank you for rescuing us from being swept away by the evil wind of CIVID-19 Pandemic. We beseech you to complete your good work in us. Bring to an end the spread of the virus. Heal those infected by it, and those weighed down by other illnesses. Protect us, especially those who are at a high risk of being infected by the virus. Save your creation from the Evil One. Grant inspiration and knowledge to our scientists to find lasting cures for the virus and other diseases. Guide the reasoning, discernment and decisions of our leaders. Bless all those you are using to save lives. Grant consolation to the grieving, hope to the despair, courage to the frightened, guidance to the lost, and help to the needy. As the lockdown is being lifted, shelter us as we begin to venture out to address our individual needs. May this difficult time teach us that worldly cares, worries and anxieties are useless, and teach us to be more grateful to you. Through this difficult time, may many people come to repentance, seek your face, and seek first your Kingdom. Grant eternal rest to those who died as a result of the pandemic and all the departed. May your love be upon us, O God, as we place all our hope in you. We pray in the intercession of our Blessed Mother, Mary, all the angels and saints, in the power of the Holy Spirit, and through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Fr. Martin Eke, MSP



March 24, 2020

Greetings of peace to you.

With the Stay-At-Home order, the parish office will be closed from tomorrow March 25, 2020 until the order is lifted.  

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Please join the Parish Daily Rosary at 8:00PM Sunday through Thursday.  Dial-in number: 425-436-6368, Access code: 579-460. Line opens 10 minutes before prayers to enable interactions.

Weekend Masses will be streamed live on Facebook on Saturday 5:00PM, and on Sunday 8:00AM and 11:00AM. 

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Please dial 425-436-6368, Access code: 579-460 at the Mass times to listen.

Please stay safe and remain protected and blessed.

One Family, One Love.

Fr. Martin.

Holy Week 2020 with Rosary New 

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